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Boost your private brand by partnering with Reliance Private Label. Our 40 years of industry leadership, coupled with our experience in industry trends and consumer demand, will ensure your private brand offerings are on-trend and competitive with top national brands.


3 Ways Reliance will Improve Your Speed To Market

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We follow the data

Reliance combines decades of experience in the supplement industry with current market trends and data to be on the cutting edge of what consumers are looking for on your shelves.

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We put the work in

With our comprehensive on-trend stock portfolio, you have access to on-demand products to compete with top national brands and provide exceptional value for your private brand..

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We feel the need…for speed

Don’t get bogged down in development and production timelines with other private label companies. With Reliance, our on-trend stock portfolio means you get the fastest speed-to-market in the industry, your consumers get the products they want, and your private brand sales take off!


Hello. My name is Kenny Flores and I am the Senior VP of Sales at Reliance Private Label. I have over 25 years of experience in the VMS market and, along the way, I have worked with many of the leading retailers and national brands in the VMS space.

For the past 12 years, I have leveraged my expertise and the forward-thinking talents of my team to help top retailers maximize the growth of their Own Brand VMS assortment. I would love the opportunity to help accelerate the growth of your brand, starting with a comprehensive line assessment to identify growth opportunities within your offering.

If faster VMS growth is a goal for your organization in 2024, please call me at (949) 545-7991 or request a meeting below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Why Reliance

Reliance Private Label combines decades of experience in the health and wellness industry with on-trend, data-driven solutions to fuel the growth of your private brand.


Comprehensive On-Trend Stock Portfollo


Over 50+ Patented & Trademarked Ingredients


Certified USDA, Vegan, and Organic Products


Experts in Market Trends and Consumer Demand


Best in Class Manufacturing


Exceptional Service Levels


A record of consistent, reliable quality and on-time delivery.

When you partner with Reliance, you can expect consistent on-time deliveries of innovative GMP-compliant products with multiple certifications, including NSF GMP, U/L GMP and QAI Organic. Rigorous independent third-party analysis and complete transparency in sourcing throughout the supply chain help ensure that you can entrust Reliance with your brand and business.

Contact Us

Would you benefit from a partner who is an expert in the vitamin supplement industry, with best-in-class manufacturing, data-driven stock portfolio, and a reputation of exceptional service levels?

We want to be your first call whenever you are looking to grow your private brand VMS sales quickly. Connect with us to get our stock portfolio listing and to learn how we can best serve you.?