The hottest supplements right now, with a 62% growth rate1, are products focused on mood, stress and relaxation, and for good reason.

From the digital work environment, rising cost of living, global instability, climate change, and technology overload, daily life has never been more distracting and stressful.

Your customers want to 


and supplements offer an effective way to make that happen.

Current Mood and Cognitive Supporting Trends

Focus & Concentration

We have never been more distracted. With social media, emails, texts and notifications, we are getting distracted at every moment. Customers want to be productive and focused at whatever task they have in their work or personal life, so it is no surprise that cognitive supplements have seen over 40% growth.1


Sleep experts report that one third of American’s get less than 7 hours of sleep each night and 75% of people experience symptoms of insomnia.2 Products, such as Melatonin, continue to have high demand are trending at over 33% growth.1


Health concerns, inflation, politics and global unrest dominates the news. The APA reported that adults are experiencing forgetfulness (21%), an inability to concentrate (20%), and difficulty making decisions (17%) due to ongoing stress.3 Ashwagandha continues to dominate this category that has shown over 20.5% growth over 2022.4



Reliance Private Label has the on-trend solutions to position your brand’s mood and stress offerings to meet demand, grow customer loyalty and grow category sales. And for a limited time, take advantage of special promotional pricing  on some of our best-selling mood and focus supporting products. Also, check out our new Mood & Stress Bundle !

Mood and Stress Supplements

Ashwagandha Extract (#744)

500mg of standardized ashwagandha extract in each vegetarian, vegan-friendly capsule..

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GABA 200mg (#931)

200mg of the clinically-proven PharmaGABA® brand amino acid GABA in a tropical flavored chewable tablet.

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L-Theanine 100mg (#879)

Provides 100mg of clinically supported AlphaWave® brand L-Theanine.

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Mood Support (#881)

With standardized St. John’s Wort, Griffonia Bean Extract, Siberian Eleuthero, and L-tyrosine.

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Relaxation Support (#894)

A synergistic blend of patented ingredients AlphaWave® and Relora® with magnesium, valerian, scullcap, hops, chamomile, oat straw, lemon balm, and passionflower.

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Triple Source Magnesium Chewable (#955)

400 mg of Magnesium per serving sourced from Aquamin®, magnesium citrate, and magnesium chelate, in a delicious Berry Lemonade chewable.

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Mood Formula (#904)

50 Billion CFUs featuring key probiotic strains in clinically-studied amounts that support mood, emotional well-being, and relaxation.†

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Mood & Stress Bundle

A promotional bundle of these best-selling mood and stress supporting supplements.

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Reliance Private Label has the on-trend solutions to position your brand’s mood and stress offerings to meet demand, grow customer loyalty and grow your category sales. If you are interested in expanding your current offering with any of our mood and focus-supporting products, connect with us by filling out the form or contact your sales rep.

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